Nepali New Year 2078 Celebration + 13th Annual General Meeting

Nepali New Year 2078 Celebration + 13th Annual General Meeting

NCSM members gathered virtually on Saturday, May 8, to celebrate our culture and the organization. It was a wonderful occasion to reflect upon the new year and the organization overall. 

I want to express my gratitude to the countless performers who showcased their talents in a way that embodied the richness of Nepali culture. What made the formal program so special was that we had countless Nepali Language and Culture Centre members present their outstanding talent with us. It is gratifying to see the young ones take pride in our culture and demonstrate it as skillfully as they did last night. We also had our beloved community members who showcased their talent on stage beautifully and new performers who had us clapping our hands. Thank you, Sophie Dahal, Pallista Shrestha, Ucha Subedi, Nilesh Dhakal, Arya Upadhyay, Ryma Niraula, Prastuti Timsina, Medhavi Pant, Dil Kumar Subedi, Yogesh Subedi, Samir Moktan and KSD (Keshab Thapa, Saraswati Bhurtyal and Drishya Thapa). I would also like to express my gratitude to our community members who were enthusiastic and encouraged the artists with their kind words. 

For those unable to join us yesterday evening, we missed you. 

The Livestream from the event is here. 

I want to thank Shyam Ghimire for his role as a moderator during the Annual General Meeting. Similarly, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Gyanendra Pokharel for being the minute-taker. 

Regarding the election, we were very thankful to have Mahesh Ghimire and Dr. Damodar Pokharel, who did a fantastic job as Election Commissioners. Through a great consultation with the general members, they managed to transition us well during these unprecedented times. Thank you to everyone who assisted with the process.