About NCSM

Who are we?

NCSM was established to promote and practice our Nepali ancestry, culture, and language. Furthermore. the members of this community recognize that it is in our best interest to connect with our collective culture and actively involve the younger generation, so we can practice and carry on our cultural heritage.

Our goals

The purpose of NCSM are as follows:

✪ To preserve Nepali art, language, cultural heritage and values and, promote them among people of Nepali origin and people of Manitoba.

✪ To facilitate the integration of Nepali art, language and culture within the framework of the principle of multiculturalism of Canada.

✪ To maintain understanding, mutual respect, cooperation and principle of coexistence among people of Nepali origin and other communities.

✪ To assist new immigrants of Nepali origin in the settlement, orientation and integration.

✪ To provide assistance to people of Nepali origin in the time of need.