How do I join NCSM?

Answer: Fill out this form, contact info@nepalicsm.com and pay the fees.

How do I contact NCSM board members?

Answer: Please e-mail info@nepalicsm.com with your questions/concerns and our Director of Communication will get back to you within 48 hours.

I would like to stay in touch with the Nepali community in Manitoba?

Answer: We have a members-only mailing list. Please contact info@nepalicsm.com to join the mailing list.

What sort of events does NCSM run?

Answer: In the past, we have run: Nepali New Year’s celebration, Dashain celebration, Teej celebration, various sports event, Summer and Canada Day Celebration. Check out the Past Events page found in the Events drop-down menu for details about each of the major events that NCSM has put together

How do I find out about upcoming NCSM events?

Answer: Check out the Upcoming Events page found in the Events drop-down menu.

I have questions that weren’t answered here. What do I do?

Answer: Please contact info@nepalicsm.com with your questions.