Nepali Language and Cultural Class

About the Program

This Nepali Language and Cultural Class (NLCC) is organized in conjunction with the Hindu Society of Manitoba. The program mainly organizes classes on Nepali language (both written and speaking), cultural etiquettes and traditional family values. The classes are organized for two hours, once every week and the program has been going on since 2011.

There are about 20 students participating in the program. The current cohorts of students are mostly youth and children and some adults from the Nepalese community and two white Canadian adults (both women).

The program is open to broader community members, including from other ethnic communities and the mainstream Canadian/Manitoba society. There is a growing interest from wider sections of Manitobans as exemplified by the two white Canadian women who have joined this year’s class. Efforts will be made to publicize this event further so that people are made aware of the language and cultural learning opportunities provided by this program.

Program Details

Anyone wishing to enroll their children or volunteer for teaching can contact Dr. Purushottam Raj Singh.

Location: 999 St Anne’s Rd (Dr Raj Pandey Hindu Temple)

Class Schedule: Every Saturday from 10:00 AM to Noon. No classes during holidays.